Body RiderThe Body Rider Upright Fan Bike is an excellent upright fan bike at an excellent price. Produced by Body Rider, one of the leading exercise equipment manufacturers in the world, the Body Rider Upright Fan Bike provides everything you need to get a total body workout. Instead of simply focusing on one area of fitness, this model targets all areas of fitness to make it one of the most effective models on the market. With duel action handle bars, adjustable tension, digital display and sturdy design all at an easily affordable price, this is a great option for any home.

Who Should Consider Buying This Bike

This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to lose weight or simply get in shape. Because the bike is small and lightweight it can fit into any room in your home. You can put it in the living room to work out while you watch television or use it as part of a more elaborate home gym.

Thus machine is also a perfect fit for apartment dwellers who want to get in shape without having to become a member of a gym. Apartments don't always allow the room for bulkier exercise equipment making it an ideal model.


The benefits offered by this bike are nearly endless. From the easy to read and understand digital display that shows you how long you've been using it, the speed your going, the distance you've gone, and how many calories you've burned to the adjustable tension control knob so you can adjust the impact of your workout, this bike is offers just about everything you will need to get in shape at home.

This model also offers duel action handle bars so you are able to work out your upper body while working out your lower body. This design allows you to get upper body training, an elliptical workout as well as a cardiovascular workout. The benefit here is that you don't have to worry about buying another separate piece of equipment to work your upper body that you may not have the money or room for.

Despite its compact size, it is one of the more durable, sturdy models on the market. This model is small and lightweight so it allows for easy placement in any room in your home or apartment.


The only real disadvantage of this bike is that some users found it was too small to be truly effective for taller individuals. The adjustable seat can make it much more effective, but some users of a certain height may find a bigger bike more useful.


This is an excellent option, especially for those who are looking for something compact, fully featured without the high price tag that comes with many of the other models on the market. Although tall individuals may find more use out of a bigger model, this bike can accommodate the average height individual easily.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright BikeToday many of us starts to get health conscious, I do not know exactly why but surely there are a ton of reasons for that, reasons like; for their therapeutic purposes, for an additional exercise, to get thin, to body build, to look better, look good and many more reasons. Getting fit has become more attainable because of new products developed, designed to get us worked up and make us healthier than ever or at least improve something out of our body.
There is exercise equipment that I discovered very costless and very good for starters to have, it is from Exerpeutic. This is an exercise bike that can be folded, hence the name Exerpeutic 250XL which has the features of:

Heavy Duty

This equipment is made to withstand up to 300 pounds (lbs.) of weight, very ideal for those that packs more weight than the average Joe. It has low impact for safe workouts and effective cardiovascular exercise. It also sports a “high-torque system that is in three pieces”, a “double drive system” for the transmission and the usual large leg stabilizers for a more solid stand or in this case a solid biking experience. Also has remote holder.


The Exerpeutic 250 XL has a large seat cushion that can support different sizes of users; it gives comfort for long workouts. The bike’s pedals have straps which keeps the foot in place to avoid slipping. It has zero impact to the user which means there is no harm done on your ankles and joints, a greater way to enjoy your workout even if it is in long span of time. This is good for those that want to get back into biking and want to do it first by taking workouts in this exercise bike. This is also for those that need therapeutic exercises which are recommended by their doctors.

It is foldable to fit in any area you want it to store, so don’t worry how big it is.

Good monitoring features

This exercise bike has a LCD large display that is 3.3” wide by 1.5” high with buttons around it namely distance, speed, time and the best buttons: calories and pulse button. Speaking of pulse button, the bike’s handles has pulse detectors, in case you wonder how it detects your pulse. This button is useful for monitoring your heart pulse if you need to maintain your heart rate.

The machine has magnetic resistance levels, you can choose from1 to 8 levels of resistance which makes it very quiet in operation.

This is a thought out equipment with a wide target market, which I could say that it is more like a generic exercise product. Because it targets large audience, it is in an affordable price of just under $160.You really get what you pay for and to some they even get more than they expect.

Phoenix 99605You don’t have to take a trip to the hospital or clinic to have your rehabilitative cardiovascular exercise instead, you can do it in your on home while watching television or listening to a radio unless necessary. The Phoenix 99605 Upright is designed for easy use and accessibility especially for beginners and intermediary athletes or doing rehabilitative exams.

The Phoenix Upright Magnetic bike provide users a more convenient way of doing cycling inside their house, like other stationary bikes, but of course, there is something unique with this device. It features an ultra-quiet magnetic resistance system that provides a quiet work out getting rid of the wheel-like sound and inviting the vibrant exercise appropriate for those who had cardiovascular diseases.

It is also equipped with a monitoring device so you could see and manage easily your speed, distance, time and estimated calories burned. It is also featured with your pulse rate from the hand sensor set along the handle of the contraption at the upper portion and in the lower portion, attached the wheel that helps in moving the bike where you wanted it to be placed on the time you would exercise. You can place it in front of the television while you are watching or besides the window for a great view of outside.

The magnetic bike has also provided an eight resistance levels. With it was an adjustment dial wherein you can control it manually while you are on work out, besides, you are in an upright position so you can easily regulate resistance levels.


  1. A large monitoring unit for all the data needed during the work out
  2. Each fitting pedal goes along with a foot strap to secure foot on the surface of it.
  3. It is attached with wheels at the front basis of the device for easy storage and mobility.


  1. It is not recommended for those users 250 pounds and above to use this device but aside from that, there is no other cause of inconvenience.

Overall, this magnetic exercise bike will definitely a must buy for all who wanted to have the stability they’ve always wanted.

Star Trac ST Fitness 8610The Star Trac ST Fitness 8610 AirForce Upright Exercise Bike works with an air resistance, that means that the bike is noisy as you increase your speed of pedaling, and it doesn’t have any way to control the resistance. Air resistance indoor bikes are not the best choices if you are looking to buy an indoor bike.

Having said that, there though some good things about this bike within the air resistance type indoor bikes segment. It has a comfortable large back padded seat, the seat can be adjusted for added comfort, and it can also be adjusted in multiple ways, so that different users may find their perfect position to ride this bike.


  • Resistance: Dual Action Air Resistance
  • LCD Display provides feedback on Speed, Time Elapsed, Calories, Distance, Temperature
  • Contact Heart Rate Sensors
  • Fully Adjustable Seat
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, 5 years on parts, 1 year labor
  • Dimensions: 48” L x 23” W x 48” H
  • Weight: 112 pounds
  • Air Resistance Indoor Bike

This model stands out as a best upright bike, even though these bikes tend to be noisy, and this model isn’t different, people like them because of the comfort from the air flowing from the pedaling. This model is strong and looks solid, and has a warranty that is reasonable for it.

Another feature that makes this bike from Star Trac stand out are the moving handlebars that accompany the movement of the pedaling, you may say that you have here a full body workout equipment, but some users have said that the movement of the arms doesn’t really test your strength and lacks more resistance at lowers pedaling speeds.

The bike is quite simple in its construction and the console also. There isn’t nothing like a wow factor to this bike. It is though a quality air resistance indoor bike that will delight all the users that look for a no frills fitness equipment that will deliver what they are looking for, a great performance with maximum comfort.

Star Trac ST at a Glance…


  • Comfortable
  • Solid and stable
  • Quality construction


This is a very good bike for a air resistance indoor bike, once again these bikes are noisy and may not be the best choice for indoor biking, but if you like the air flowing from the fan as you ride and the noise doesn’t bother you, then this is the model that you should be looking for to buy.

Stamina 5325With the smooth quiet ride that only magnetic resistance can offer, the Stamina 5325 presents an excellent, low-impact, aerobic workout while remaining within a reasonable price-range.

The large, easy-to-read, LCD readout allows its user to keep track of every thing from speed, distance, time, and calories burned. With the console's scan feature activated, the LCD readout will cycle threw each of these vitals allowing the user complete tracking without the need for repeatedly pressing the button. This bike also has 6 preset fitness programs to choose from, and pulse sensors built into the aero handlebars.

Who Should Consider the Stamina 5325

A comfortable oversized, adjustable, vinyl seat that will accommodate most users and a smooth magnetic resistance with an adjustable eight-step tension control make this bike a comfortable purchase for practically any exercise enthusiast, from the user who only desires to shed a few extra pounds, to the seasoned devotee who simply can't get enough time in at the gym.

While the wheels on this machine make it mobile when it comes time to move it from room to room, a set of leveling stabilizer caps keep it securely grounded and surefooted when it comes time to do the actual working out. These factors coupled with the quietness of this bike make it the perfect addition to most any home or apartment.


An easy-to-reach tension dial which allows you to control the intensity of the workout, preset fitness programs with pace guides, and built-in hand pulse sensors on the aero handlebars are some of the beneficial features of this machine.

An oversized sculpted seat, large weighted pedals to prevent foot-slipoff, and smooth quiet operation also make this bike attractive.


Although this bike has gotten rave reviews, the bike's users tend to criticize the vagueness instruction manual. Also, the supplied tools are less than perfect for assembling this piece of equipment.

It should be noted, as well, that there have been reports of missing screws for attaching the seat and console to the bike. Although a few of these complaints are warranted and the screws were actually missing, most had simply overlooked them. These screws are threaded into these parts, and are not in the bag with the rest of the fasteners.


Practically no negative feedback, a smooth quiet ride, a large built in LCD monitor with 6 preset fitness programs, and an adjustable padded seat and backrest all go to make the Stamina 5325 feel as though it were an upright of twice its actual price.